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Ресторан моно-кухня «Пельмения»


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Pelmenya franchise

Pelmenya franchise restaurants are open in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Tallinn, Kazan, Yakutsk, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Irkutsk and Gatchina!   

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Did this happen? We were allowed to open!
From July 27, all mono-cuisine restaurants are open!
We look forward to meeting you! We will not disappoint you!

New Pelmenya on Petrovsky

Become Pelmenya restaurant chef on your own kitchen!

We have posted video recipes on Take away page. Now you will easily prepare all Pelmenya restaurant menu on your own kitchen.

Famous chef Dirk Hoffmann in Pelmenya restaurant

The broadcast series devoted to the most interesting restaurant concepts and cultural places in Russia, was shown on the 1st German channel

Dirk inspired us to a new position on the menu. Maultashe is German type of dumplings 

This what Pelmenya restaurants is!

Pelmenya has come to Kazan!

The first Pelmenya outside St. Petersburg.
This is the beauty from Kazan!

New interior of Pelmenya on Kronverksky prospekt

Pelmenya on Kronverksky has opened after reconstruction.
Permanently high quality in the updated interior. Welcome!

Khinkali. Comme il faut

If you have ordered khinkali, then a fork and a knife to you won't be necessary. No, by no means, even it is discussed! This food is eaten only with hands. At the same time it is impossible to wait until khinkalis cool down, their true taste can be felt only hot. And if it burn your fingers, take a courage and eat khinkali. It is worth it. At well made khinkalis dough very thin, but it shouldn't be torn. And the most important in the khinkali is a juice inside. At first it is necessary to bite khinkali and to drink broth the its more then the better.

Pelmenya on Marata st. or on Fontanka emb.?

Сuriously in which one Pelmenya it will be pleasant to you more? On Fontanka embankment or on Marata street, especially as distance between them is no more than 10 minutes of slow walk by Nevsky prospekt.

New Pelmenya on Marata street

In two steps from Nevsky prospekt on Marata st.,8 new Pelmeniya has opened.

Real Belgium

Two new magnificent Belgian positions of draft beer in our menu: Grimbergen Blonde and Grimbergen Double-Ambree. This original Belgian beer which made since 1128 in abbey Grimbergen.


Now on Vasilyevsky island!

We have made a new interior, but our concept and quality remained are invariable! Sredniy prospekt of Vasilyevsky island, 11

Pelmenya on Razezhaya street

New Pelmenya it is 4 halls on Razezhaya st.10/15
We tried hard to make everything to keep Pelmenya traditions and to become even better.
You will be met by even more majestic Pelmenya symbol - iron woman, who guarantees firmness of quality of our verified menu. Only manti, khinkali, pelmeni, ravioli, vareniki, dim sum, gedza and a little fresh greens, vegetables and a pickles that else it is necessary to feel happy in an environment of close friends.
Various combinations of tables became possible. It is possible to take a seat as two and as the big company with comfort. 

Знакомство с Пельменией. Катя Гусарова.

Здесь нет места долгим посиделкам, душевным разговорам и потягиванию вина в приглушённом свете. Здесь счастье достигается иным, порой даже суровым, но проверенным и эффективным способом.  В ресторане, о котором Вы сейчас узнаете, действует главный принцип, и он не поддаётся трансформации, - “пришёл есть – ешь”! Концепция ресторана "Пельмения" проста - есть только Пельмень и Я, и "пусть весь мир подождёт".

Отец железной бабы.

Создатель железной Пельмении - выпускник скульптурного отделения Мухинского училища Фёдор Крушельницкий – человек крупный, масштабный и телом и умом, за каждой бронзовой скульптурой его стоят километры продуманных мыслей и прочитанных книг. 

Ravioli with duck and sun-dried tomatoes

Ravioli with duck and sun-dried tomatoes-served with arugula and orange sauce.

  • 5 шт. 500
  • 7 шт. 580
  • 9 шт. 660


  • 3 шт. 220
  • 5 шт. 320
  • 7 шт. 420

Gyoza with apples and cinnamons

  • 5 шт. 220
  • 7 шт. 260
  • 9 шт. 300

Manti with chicken and pumpkin

New position in manti menu. For those who gives preference to easy chicken meat. 

  • 3 шт. 240
  • 5 шт. 320
  • 7 шт. 400

Vareniky with cherry

Vareniky are considered by right as a masterpiece of the Ukrainian cuisine. Do you remember how it glorius cooked by Solokha russian prose writer Nikolay Gogol's character.

  • 5 шт. 240
  • 7 шт. 280
  • 9 шт. 320


  • 3 шт. 240
  • 5 шт. 360
  • 7 шт. 480

Varius types of manti

All types of ours a mant in one plate. That's great!

  • 6 шт. 540

Varius types of khanum


Ravioli with mozzarela cheese and bazil


Vareniky with cheese, tomatoes and basil

  • 5 шт. 240
  • 7 шт. 280
  • 9 шт. 320

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